Privacy Policy

What Data Do We Collect

Starship Fights does not collect very much personal data; the only data it collects is relevant to either user authentication or user authorization. The following data is collected by the game:

Discord ID
This is needed to keep your Starship Fights user account associated with your Discord login, so that you can keep your admirals and ships when you log in.
Discord Profile Data (Name, Discriminator, Avatar)
This is kept so that you have the option of showing what your Discord account is on your profile page. It's optional to display to other users, with the choice being in the User Preferences page. Note that we do not request or track email addresses.
Your browser's User-Agent
This is associated with your session data as a layer of security, so that if someone were to (somehow) steal your session token and put it into their browser, that person wouldn't be logged in as you, since the User-Agent would probably be different.
Your public-facing IP address (opt-in)
This is associated with your sessions, so that it may be displayed to you when you look at your currently logged-in sessions on your User Preferences page, so that you can log out of a session if you don't recognize its IP address. You may opt in to the site's collection and storage of your IP address on that same page.
The date and time of your last activity
This is associated with your user account as a whole, so that your Online/Offline status can be displayed. It's optional to display your current status, and the choice is in your User Preferences page.

How Do We Collect It

Your Discord information is collected using the Discord API whenever you log in via Discord's OAuth2. Your User-Agent and IP address are collected using the HTTP requests that your browser sends to the website, and the date and time of your last activity is tracked using the server's system clock.

Who Can See It

The only people who can see the data we collect are you and the system administrator. We do not sell data to advertisers. The site is hosted on Hetzner Cloud, who can in theory access it.

Privacy policies are nice and all, but they're only as strong as the staff that implements them. I have no interest in abusing others, just as I have no interest in doxing or otherwise revealing what locations people log in from. Nor have I any interest in being worshipped as some kind of programmer-god messiah. I am impervious to such corrupting ambitions.

All of the private data we collect can be viewed at your Private Info page.

Who Can't See It

We protect your data by a combination of requiring TLS-secured HTTP connections, and keeping the database's port only open on, i.e. no one outside of the server's local machine can even connect to the database, much less access the data stored inside of it.

When Was This Written

February 13, 2022
Initial writing
February 15, 2022
Indicate that IP storage is an opt-in-only feature
April 08, 2022
Add link to Private Info page