Terms And Conditions

Section I - Privacy Policy

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you confirm that you have read and acknowledged the Privacy Policy of Starship Fights, accessible at https://starshipfights.net/about/pp.

Section II - Limitation of Liability

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Starship Fights be liable or responsible to either its users or any third party for any damages or injuries sustained as a result of using this website.

Section III - Termination

Starship Fights may terminate your usage if:

  1. You are in breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. You, at any point, inflict abuse upon the website, including but not limited to: DDoS attacks, vulnerability scanning, vulnerability exploitation, etc.
  3. For any reason, at our sole discretion.

Section IV - Amendment Process

Starship Fights will notify users when amendments to the Terms and Conditions will impact their usage of their site. Users will be notified via the Starship Fights Discord server.

Section V - Amendments

March 11, 2022
Initial writing

Section VI - Contact

The operator of Starship Fights may be contacted via Discord at lanius trolling#2247, or via telegram to his NationStates account.