Kodkod-class Escort


Weight Class Hull Integrity Defense Turrets
(75 points to deploy)
6 impacts
3 troops
Felinae Felices ships do not use turrets

Disruption Pulse can wipe out strike craft up to 1000.0 meters away up to 3 times
Max Movement Reactor Power Energy Flow
Accelerate 1600 meters/turn
Rotate 60 degrees/turn

Inertialess Drive can jump up to 4000.0 meters up to 1 times
Felinae Felices ships use hyper-technologically-advanced super-reactors that need not concern themselves with "power output" or "grid efficiency".
Base Crit Chance Cannon Targeting Lance Efficiency
60% 50% N/A
Armament Firing Arcs Range Firepower
Fore particle claws Fore 1750 meters 4 particle claw launchers
Port particle claws Port 1750 meters 3 particle claw launchers
Starboard particle claws Starboard 1750 meters 3 particle claw launchers